NSM LHIN Web-Based Balanced Scorecard

North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN has undertaken an exciting initiative to improve accountability and transparency by sharing information about its measurements of success towards achieving its strategic goals.  Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, the LHIN has translated the goals from the Integrated Health Service Plan 2010-2013 into a balanced set of integrated performance measures. These performance measures provide a comprehensive picture of the achievement and performance of the LHIN toward its mission of “Together… Achieving Better Health, Better Care, Better Value.”

By measuring and monitoring performance goals in four quadrants that include:

  • System Integration;
  • Financial Health, Accountability, and Sustainability;
  • System Access and Capacity; and
  • Patient Outcomes & Population Health,

we will achieve greater accountability, produce more quantifiable results and ensure excellence in the provision of high quality patient focused care.
The Balanced Scorecard focuses on achieving results in priority areas, to ensure the money we spend produces measurable and meaningful outcomes for the communities we serve.

To access the scorecard, please click the image to the left.

NOTE:  The Balanced Scorecard is optimized for Internet Explorer.  Other browsers may have reduced functionality.

Please note that the Web-based scorecard is an evolving document and will be refined based on feedback from NSM stakeholders. Please send all feedback on the NSM Web-Based Balanced Scorecard to NSMDataSubmissions@lhins.on.ca with the words "BSC FEEDBACK" in the subject line.

Balanced Scorecard Frequently Asked Questions