2012/13 Expression of Interest

Emergency Department 

The NSM LHIN is issuing an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the 2012/13 funding cycle to support direct impact solutions for the Emergency Department.  The EOI is focused on the following areas of focus:

  • Reducing admitted patients in the Emergency Department
  • Reducing LOS in the Emergency Department

The NSM LHIN is interested in receiving proposals from health and community service organizations currently funded by the NSM LHIN.  For further information, please refer to the following documents:

The deadline for submission of proposals is noon on Thursday July 19, 2012.  Given the tight timelines for this process, it will not be possible to include proposals received after the deadline in the review process.   Please submit your proposals to Sue.Colwell@lhins.on.ca.

Questions regarding the RFP and its process will be accepted until noon on July 18, 2012.  All questions must be in writing and submitted by email to lynn.huizer@lhins.on.ca.  Answers to any questions will be posted on the NSM LHIN website.

Questions - Answers

Q1.  How are LHIN-wide and System- specific defined? 

A1.   LHIN-wide is defined as partnerships with HSP’s in all geographic planning areas to provide services to the residents of NSM LHIN.System specific is defined as the ability to provide services across geographic planning areas and create similar programs or services based on consistent best practice.


Q2.  In Muskoka the partnerships would encompass the Muskoka geographic planning region. Does this meet the criteria for LHIN-wide and System- specific?

A2.  All proposals need to demonstrate partnerships across the LHIN. In the case of the question from Muskoka, it will be important to show linkages with programs and hospitals from other geographic planning areas and demonstrate the feasibility of a similar service/program occurring in the other planning areas.


Q3. Is this call for proposals for in hospital strategies to decrease ER admissions or is it also open to community organizations?

A3. The EOI is open to all community members as well as hospitals funded by NSM LHIN.


Q4. Would the proposal for funding a community primary care centre be considered?  

A4. Yes, if the proposal clearly outlines how it will:

  • Reduce admitted patients in the Emergency Department
  • Reduce LOS in the Emergency Department
  • Demonstrate the criteria outlined in Section 3: Performance Measures of the EOI Proposal Template